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Who? What? Where? When? Why? And, How?

Who is JustATeacher? Emphasis on “just”, a teacher who seeks the understanding of it all. What is available? Ideas, thoughts experiences, an occasional research methodology, and for the main attraction-Services! Tutoring services for school- age students starting in kindergarten through adulthood. Services for customer service etiquette and organization strategies. Plus, social and educational leadership skills. Where are such services offered? Remotely or in Palm Beach County, Florida. When are services terminated? Success is determined by the learner. The learner has a pace that is contingent upon a teacher’s ability to identify relevance and connectivity. Why? Why, not?  How did the thought come about? Experiences navigate the thoughts. The thoughts explore the options. Having options creates the vision. The vision is the HOW. 

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What They Don’t Tell You

In most of my teaching career, I hit adversity for just existing. Today could be the color of my skin, or could be my age, my position, the city I was born in or the parents that raised me.  It only told me one thing- DON’T STOP! 

"The Secret Handshake"

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Rationalizing is hard when challenges arise, social stories are stories to help with social skills, emotions, and socializing with and to others about events in life. 

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